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Dr. Chris Chen

As a native of Southern California, Dr. Chris Chen, obtained degrees in both biology and chemistry from the University of California Irvine. To further pursue his interest in both medicine and technology, he achieved a doctorate degree at Columbia University School of Dental Medicine in New York. Dr. Chen returned to the warmth of Southern California in 2005 to establish his career in dentistry with the Center of Esthetic Dentistry at UCLA. During this time, he has completed research on some of the most advanced materials used in cosmetic dentistry today enabling an expertise in clinical and scientific aspects of cosmetic dentistry.

He loves technology and can usually be found with the latest gadgets in his hands. His broad knowledge base bridges all the disciplines of dentistry with emphasis on collaborations with state of the art dental laboratories and scientific problem solving to keep the care of his patients at the forefront of modern dental care. Dr. Chen is an active participant in the community as members of the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles Dental Societies. He is often found volunteering his services at local community health fairs in Los Angeles and loves traveling with NATMA(National American Taiwanese Medical Association) to service those in need in other countries every summer.