Tooth Whitening

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Tooth whitening is a well established procedure in cosmetic dentistry. Hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in bleaching. The whitening process is effective on most discolored teeth. Darker stains such as those caused by antibiotics are more difficult to whiten. The degree of whiteness will vary from patient to patient depending on the structure of the teeth. Bleaching DOES NOT soften, demineralize or weaken tooth the teeth. Some patients may experience sensitivity during bleaching because the peroxide has over-dessicated the tooth. Sensitivity from bleaching can easily be reversed with in-office fluoride treatment.

Zoom Bleaching is one of the fastest way to improve your smile comfortably.
The new Zoom2 system is:

  • Faster – Achieve superior results in three 15-minute sessions. The new system reduces chair-time by 33% with no compromise in results.
  • More Effective – The proprietary light activated Zoom2 gel incorporates patented Amorphous Calcium Phosphate1 (ACP) technology to provide superior whitening results.
  • Easier – The new Precision Light Guide System ensures quick and consistent patient set-up for optimal whitening results, while the new locking casters and ergonomically designed structure make moving and positioning Zoom2 a snap.
  • Lower Sensitivity – Reduced contact time, ACP chemistry, combined with the new Balancing Agent and Satin Finish, to ensure the lowest possible discomfort for patients. In fact, Zoom2 patients experience 67% less significant sensitivity than those treated with the original Zoom System.